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Symphony Silicon Valley
Broadway San Jose
Ballet San Jose

Here is my "fun" band: I'm heard here on Clarinet, Alto, Tenor, and even Baritone sax!

The groups I coach:

Composer DAVID AMRAM, Maestro Paul Polivnick, and the rest of the Jazz Quintet that performed Amram's TRIPLE CONCERTO with Symphony Silicon Valley, October 1 and 2, 2011.

From left: Kent Reed, drums, Bill Everett bass, David Amram, Paul Polivnick, Aaron Lington, baritone sax, and Yours Truly, Alto Sax


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Lomax Mouthpieces


Silverstein Ligatures and Reeds

Silverstein Works

Uebel Clarinets:

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My old friend, Clark Fobes, carries barrels, mouthpieces, Eb and C clarinet extensions, etc., along with a nice selection of high quality German reeds, including the Austrian make Peter Leuthner's that I like.

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West Valley Music (best local store for equipment and sheet music)

I've been playing Lomax mouthpieces since 2002. I recommend them to all my students when they are ready for them. Mike Lomax and his sons have figured out how to make the fine but somewhat covered sounding Zimmer blanks really resonate.

A new product, the Vandoren BD5 mouthpiece, is a less costly alternative to the Lomax. Best new mouthpiece Vandoren has come up with in many years. Also very highly recommended.

The Silverstein Ligature is a new discovery, and a welcome addition to my equipment. Silverstein has taken the concept of the string ligature and by threading it through metal and making it semi-rigid, it can be tightened with an adjustment screw and won't slip. Plays super dark, very resonant, toungs great, but also very free blowing. Best of all possible worlds. Once again, probably not for everyone, as it's rather costly, but it's made a big difference in my playing.

The Peter Leuthner "French Cut Superior" reed is a Viennese made product of very high quality and consistency. Well worth the extra cost over anything Vandoren is making these days for clarinet. Another good choice is the "Alta" reed made in Germany and distributed by Silverstein, the maker of the ligatures.

As for the Uebel clarinets; they are not readily available in the USA.. They can be found if one hunts. The website for their current distributor is:

However, these people will not be stocking anything new. They are ending their relationship with Uebel once they have sold their current inventory. When/if I learn who the new distributor in the US will be I will post it here.